The Hyundai i40 will currently be a comparatively rare sight on the used car market, with the model only having been recently introduced since its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.  The i40 is made by the Korean manufacturer Hyundai, and is a large family car available in both four-door saloon and five-door estate body styles.  The i40 is available with a range of 1.6-litre petrol or 1.7-litre diesel engines, with the estate also gaining a 2.0-litre petrol option.

Full details of the Hyundai i40 used range can be found at your local Hyundai main dealer or on the manufacturers official UK website.  Both these outlets will also allow access to information on buying a Hyundai i40 as an approved used car.  As the Hyundai i40 is a relative newcomer to the UK car market, this would be the most likely method of acquiring a used Hyundai i40.  Buying a Hyundai i40 from a Hyundai main dealer as an approved used car also has a number advantages over buying from a private seller or independent motor trader.  Approved used cars will have been fully checked by Hyundai-trained staff, including a history and mileage check, and any unexpired time left on the 5-year unlimited mileage warranty which came new with the car can be transferred to its new owner.  Hyundai’s official UK website has a search facility on it which allows users to search Hyundai’s approved used car stock nationwide for the right model to suit their requirements.   This allows for a wider pool of vehicles to search from than simply looking at a showroom or forecourt, and any approved used Hyundai i40 located through the used car locator can be delivered to your local Hyundai main dealer for convenient collection.

The internet is also home to a growing number of independent websites where private sellers can offer their used cars for sale, as well as independent motor traders and dealerships both large and small.  These websites also provide the opportunity for buyers to search a wide range of available vehicles using the search function, and can tailor the selection criteria to ensure the website displays vehicles with the specification, price, and location to suit the needs of the individual buyer.

When buying from a private seller or small independent motor trader, try to discover as much as you can about the history of the vehicle.  For a fee it is possible to carry out your own checks into this, using one of a number of service providers offering checks into whether a vehicle has been stolen, written off, or is subject to outstanding finance.  It is advisable to do this before handing over and money - or committing to any deal - especially as the Hyundai i40, as a relatively new car, will not come cheap.

It is also vitally important to find out if the service history of the vehicle has been kept up to date, as if servicing and repairs have not been carried out on time and by Hyundai-approved technicians, it may have invalidated any warranty on the vehicle.  The way to check for this is to see whether the cars service book has been kept up to date, and has been stamped with the mark of a Hyundai main dealer or approved repair and service centre.