Alternative Models - The Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is a large saloon car with a new exterior design, more modernized interior features, and a new engine. The Sonata is reasonably priced and offers buyers terrific value for the money.

The Sonata has a clean, fresh exterior design that is very attractive even if it is not as bold as some of the competitors. What the car lacks in bold exterior appeal it makes up in space and comfort. The new sonata has much more to offer than its predecessor.

The Sonata has a new 2.4-litre engine giving it an advantage over its rivals. The engine operates smoothly and impressively when equipped with the four-speed automatic transmission. The Sonata’s standard package is quite generous and comes complete with leather upholstery, air conditioning, cruise control, and an MP3-enabled stereo. There are limited cost options available as well.

The cabin boasts a high level of cabin space and comfort. Both front and rear passengers will have plenty of head and legroom. The Sonata also provides more than adequate boot space. Its large boot and spacious cabin facilitate a comfortable ride on long and short journeys.

The Sonata’s new exterior style and added interior features combined with the very attractive standard package make it difficult to not give it a second look.


The Sonata is an inexpensive car to purchase and is also an inexpensive car to run and insure. The company’s attractive five year warranty is also a big bonus with the Sonata; the downfall would be the car’s poor fuel economy. Factor in all the other pluses and the car is still great value for the money.

Cabin space is very generous inside the Sonata’s cabin. Front and rear passengers enjoy plenty of head and legroom and should not feel cramped even on longer journeys. The boot is also large and spacious and easily accommodates luggage or other larger items.

All of the Sonata’s controls and dials are large and easy to find and use. They are all practically placed and functional. The fascia is simple and has a clean uncluttered appearance.

The Sonata has been designed for comfort and holds its own even with the toughest competitor. It is spacious and filters out road and engine noise very well. The seats are the car’s weakest comfort area. The front seats are flat and limited adjustments are available. This may prove to be uncomfortable for some passengers.
This car is highly accessible. The car’s doors open widely providing easy accessibility to the car’s cabin. The car’s boot opens widely and allows easy access to the boot as well.

Parking the Sonata is easy. The car provides a good driving position and great all-around visibility. The car’s power steering capabilities helps to make parking a non-event. Judging proper boot distance is the only factor that complicates parking the Sonata.

Life Style

The Sonata was not designed for performance, it was designed for comfort. However, it does deliver a smooth ride and the engine is fairly quiet at normal driving speeds. When pushed hard the engine sounds a little harsh. The Sonata’s power steering handles well but is not as light as might be expected.

The Sonata would make an excellent family car. It’s spacious and drives well. It delivers a comfortable ride in town and on longer trips, its affordable and provides great value for the money.

This would not be the most practical choice for a first car. The car is too large and the engine is more powerful than what most novice drivers need. It does provide excellent visibility and power steering making it a relatively easy car to drive.

Hyundai has come a long way as far as quality and image are concerned. In recent years the company has improved the over-all quality of its cars and the Sonata is testimony of that improvement. The car has a high level of build quality and the cabin materials look and feel quality. The company’s new commitment to better quality vehicles is evident in every aspect of the Sonata.

Security and Safety

The Sonata is equipped standard with remote central locking and an alarm. The Sonata is also fitted with an extra door skin that is designed to protect the car from smash and grab thieves.

Hyundai has taken safety very seriously with the Sonata. The car is designed with body shell optimization to strengthen the car in the event of a crash. The safety kit includes six airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners.

The Finishing Touches

The standard stereo unit in the Sonata is a CD/radio tuner with MP3 compatibility. The buttons are too small making the unit difficult to operate. A unit with larger controls is available on the options list.
The car’s cabin is light grey and comfortable. The car’s leather seats give the cabin a nice quality look and feel. Some of the cabins plastics and coverings are of lesser quality and seem out of place.


The Sonata offers buyers a good value package. It is an inexpensive car to purchase and offers many luxuries in the standard package. The car should be reliable with low running costs, and the company’s five-year warranty should give buyers additional peace of mind. The car’s exterior style won’t appeal to everyone.