Hyundai History

Hyundai is a young company compared to other automotive companies today. Established in December 1967 by Chung Ju Yong, they are now the seventh biggest and one of the fastest rising auto groups. Ford, UK, designed the first cars Hyundai produced but by 1974 with the help of Mitsubishi they were able to design their own model. Hyundai soon rose to first place in the Korean domestic market and quickly became the largest Korean auto maker. A status they still enjoy today.

By 1990, Hyundai was exporting over one million cars a year to 190 countries throughout the world. In 1994 they involved themselves with professional motor sports winning the Asian Pacific Rally Championship and again in 1995 with an Elantra. These victories, along with a partnership with Daimler-Chrysler heavily influenced their designs and won them praise in the International Motor Press. Although the alliance with Daimler-Chrysler ended in 2004, Hyundai continues to stay true to their motto, "pursuing happiness through cars."